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Battery Tray 70 to 72 GS

Saw a repo battery tray at the BOP sway meet at Wheaton. The Parts Place in Elburn, IL carries them. Phone 630-365-1800 or www.thepartsplaceinc.com.

Body to Bumper Fillers

'81-87 Buick Regal 2-Door Shown $59.95 Front Set $99.95 Rear

S+K, Inc.
N. E. 5th Avenue
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
800-354-1025 2523

All Fillers:

  • are made of tough ABS plastic
  • are pre-drilled & ready for installation
  • can be pre-painted to match car color

Body Parts

Looking for rust free body repair parts:

1. Call Rick at Rolling Steel Body Parts 1-440-256-8383 or E-mail PRPAUL7@aol.com. They have a free catalog.

2. Desert Dog Auto Parts specializes in 1950 thru 1980s rust free sheet metal and pit free chrome. Call Bob Cline at 815-337-9594, ddog@desertdogautoparts.com or check out www.desertdogautoparts.com

Core Support

Members often need radiator core support for their 70 through 72 Skylark/GS. Now there is a repair kit for the battery area. Please contact Micheas Garrison at 785-246-2661 after 6 PM.

Part of the annual maintenance should include removal of the battery tray and using Por 15 on any rust in that area to prevent corrosion.


To get custom embroidered work done contact Dan McCann with Only Good Stuff. http://www.webdynamics-nj.com/OnlyGoodStuff/index.htm

Engraved Accessories

Detail engraved products and a lot of other useful products for your Buick are available at Williams & Sons Engraving located in West Jordan, Utah. Phone number 801-255-6176; email bfh@engraver1.com or URL: www.engraver1.com. Be sure to check this one out. (Kevin Williams aka Buick From Hell) (Email and URL update 10/08/2001)

Hot Air Parts

Owners of 84 & 85 Turbo Regals now have a source for a low restriction downpipe from GNRA member Geoff Cornwell at 604-946-5444.

Turbo shields that fit under the hood to protect the insulator are available from DeKay Inc. at 517-684-9362.


Jax Seat Covers located in South Milwaukee specialize in 85-87 GN Upholstery, Seat Upholstery, Floor Carpet, Sunvisors, Upper Doorpanels, Headliners, and Custom Headrests. Call Paul Bostron at 414-744-1907 or e-mail at Turbota870@aol.com for pricing.

Riggs Brothers Tops & Interior; 2407 Warrenville Road; Downers Grove, IL 60515 for 55 years are world reknown for their excellent work. They have 5 outlets in Chicagoland. There may be a store near you in Western Springs, Naperville, St. Charles, Villa Park or Wheaton. From carpeting to headliners these folks have our needs covered. They have an number of vendors to help get the materials we need and are very do it yourself friendly. You can bring in material you purchased yourself and they can install. They also have the small parts such as clips and cleaning supplies that you need to keep the interior in great shape. Call Jim Riggs at 630-852-1717

The Restoration Station makes interiors for Turbo Regals. They now also make a leather set for the GN in the stock colors. Seat covers, headliners, dash mats, trunk carpets, car covers at 516.935.0775

Jeff Moses of Auto Custom Carpets. indicated "ACC's newest venture will be manufacturing complete interiors for '82-'99 F-body Camaros, G`body Monte Carlos, Buick Grand Nationals and T-Types." 800-633-2358 or http://www.accmats.com/index.htm

Contact Lyle Simons for auxiliary gauge pods for Turbo Regals. His latest product is a gage pod which replaces the a Turbo Regal T-top center trim cover. The replacement panel matches the texture and color of the OEM panel and can be installed in minutes. The two pods are angled towards the driver for optimal viewing. Check out www.mindspring.com/~lotek/ttop1.jpg and www.mindspring.com/~lotek/ttop4.jpg Lyle Simons may be reached at Lo-Tek Engineering; 328 Crestview Drive; Durham, NC 27712; 919-479-0749; lotek@mindspring.com; http://www.mindspring.com/~lotek/lotek.html

Mass Airflow Sensors

According to Tom Slodowski (turbotom_2000@yahoo.com), Car Quest carries Standard Motor Products rebuilt MAF sensors for $86 with exchange. Part # MS 7866. Make sure the unit reads 5 grams/second at idle or it is not calibrated correctly.

Ohio Valley Speedometer Supply, Inc., @ 800-688-1588 rebuilds MAFs for just under $90. These folks sell a lot of electronics, ecm, cruise modules, t-bodies, turbochargers, maf, injectors, and various other sensors.

Posi-traction Units

Wayne Jack Auto Service; located in Johnstown, PA at 814-536-5225 sells used GM posi-traction units, with new clutches and bearings, for $240. They also carry differential gear sets, custom/narrowed differential housings, and resplined axles.

Power Antenna

Your Regal's Power Antenna Mast Broke At Base, or stopped going down. First unplugg to prevent the motor from draining your battery. This can be done under the hood near the power antenna. Pull the three plug connector apart and the antenna motor will stop running.

You can replace just the mast and the tape for the unit with the part as follows from Cars, Inc.

CARS, Inc. has the replacement in stock at $49.50. Click below to order online. http://www.buick-parts.com/cgi-bin/checkitout/checkitout.cgi?somersetSTORE:CKIE:prodAM829-5+

By the way the fender does not have to be removed to change the antenna on a RWD Regal. Just remove the lower 3 bolts on the inner fender side and the door side of the fender and pull outward. There will be just enough clearance to reach up to change the antenna out.

Powermaster Brake System

A1 Cardone rebuilds Powermaster units. A1 Cardone is available at 1-800-777-4780 for customer service and 1-888-280-8324 for their tech line with a web site at http://www.cardone.com/. Dan Schmitt Product Manager - Brake Division at Cardone has helped members get rebuilt Powermaster units through resellers including Autozone ($175 with exchange) and Advance (Parts America for $190). Car Quest has these units listed, but want $316 with exchange for the unit.

Hank Terry has new GM PowerMaster Electro Hydraulic brake unit motors (GM PN #18011279) available for $129.95 without core. Does not include; accumulator, switch, hoses, tubes, master cylinder, reservoir or brackets. For more information refer to http://turbocars.tripod.com/ or contact turbocars@yahoo.com, 216-896-2292 or write: Hank Terry; 3480 Cannon Rd; Twinsburg, OH 44087

Power Source Book

If your are looking for the Buick Power Source Book call Tuar Corporation at (810) 239-5552 or contact http://www.maguireautomotivegroup.com/GMPPBOOK.htm#NPNV6 (7/6/01 link would not work)

For those of you who are looking for a 1986 factory service manual they are available at Bishko Book, 800-544-3312.


K & N makes a pre-filter sock that slides over the 9" K & N type filter typically found on Turbo Regals. Made of polyester it can be washed in soap, solvents or gasoline. It's very durable and is advertised to filter down to .005 microns. Not inexpensive at $18.00 to $20.00 dollars, but does not appear to affect MAF readings and will keep your filter from getting all that under hood dust and crud in it... K & N part # re-0810pk.

Wheels and Center Caps

Buick Rally reproduction wheels are available for 1965-79 Buick in Chrome with black centers with the correct 5 x 4 inch bolt pattern are available in Sizes: 14x6, 14x7, 15x7, 15x8, or 15x10 from: Vintage Tire Hotline at 1-800-251-6336 or http://www.coker.com/wheels/wheelrim.html

For reproduction 1965, 66 and 70 GS center caps right here in our back yard try:

Mitch Romanowski Design
322 West Glade Road
Palentine, IL 80067-6832

GNX style wheels are available from Classic Industries 800-854-1280 or http://www.classicindustries.com. Their front GTA 16"x 8" alloy wheels with black centers have a zero offset that is correct for Turbo Regals. Last price available for these were $139 each or 4 for $499.

Enkeis GNX style wheel caps are available from American Racing that also fit Kirban's GNX type wheels. Part Number is ARE# 89 8064 available through any part jobber who knows his stuff.

For those with the stock Grand National wheels with the tire machine indentations Jim Lyon owner of Trudesign Wheel, Inc. (800-621-6436) can repair these.. They cut the center sections out and weld them to new 8 inch by 15 inch DOT approved shells with any offset desired.